How a 7 week Chakra course helped dissolve my chronic pain

December 8, 2016


I was first introduced to Kat John through my friend Hilary Holmes. Hilary and I connected hard and fast, we're totally aligned. One day she was telling me about her Chakra Course she was doing, and said "OMG Stevie, you will LOVE Kat when you meet her! You HAVE to do this course".


You know when people say "OMG You will love this person!" and it's really disappointing when you actually meet 'this person' because you had all these expectations? Well, this wasn't one of those times. (PHEW!)


It was the day of my #SVDCBodyLove Exhibition & Fundraiser and I actually fell in love with Kat. She was warm, sweet and intuitive. (Win-win, thanks Hill!)


So - Chakra course. I went along to one of Kat's Chakra evenings at The Laneway Loft, where Kat filled the room with candles and music, and talked openly and freely about Chakras, what they are, how they work, and how she turned her life around by sorting her's out (I say that loosely, sorting out Chakras is an ongoing process). BUT, Kat had got herself to a point of being able to heal others, and I admired her for that.


Her language was relatable and ironic. She is charismatic, friendly, genuine and oh-so funny! She gifted each attendee with a beautiful personalised hand written note (which we intuitively chose by sitting in the seat we did), a candle and chakra tea, and we were all on our way, uplifted! 


From that moment, I knew I wanted to do Kat's course - but, as always -  life was soooo full on! I had decided to divorce my boss (I mean quit my soul exhausting day job as an EA), so when I did that, I booked right in with Kat. I committed to weekly sessions, I knew it would be tough and wonderful, and ground breaking, but I didn't quite expect the result I got.





Well, I had. As much as I knew how. Then came Kat.


In her soft, gentle, calm (my favourite thing about her style) and intuitive way, she walked me straight into my sticking points - one Chakra at a time.  


From Base to Sacral to Solar Plexus, then up to the Heart, followed by Throat, then onto Third Eye, and finishing off with Crown. 



We delved straight into the beliefs & judgements that I had been raised to believe, or learnt along the way. The sh*t that had been born into my soul, from many many generations ago. The stuff I was going to work on, and change, this lifetime.


She shone a light, so to say, on why I was feeling stuck, confused, hurt, and not the real Stevie.


She helped me see where I needed to work on myself, and most importantly, where I needed to take sweet, sweet care of my soul and body, in order to continue my journey of healing and empowering others.






Kat has this incredible way of making everything seem so relatable and relaxed, so I love that she calls her mediation classes "Hey Mate, Let's Meditate".


She introduced me to meditation in a form I'd never known. For me, I learnt it visually, as in, my eyes were closed, but I was able to keep my mind stimulated by visualising what she was saying, and that made so much sense to me.


Previously, I had been ignorant to meditation. I mean, I liked the idea of it, but for fu*ks sake, I couldn't get my head around closing my eyes and doing nothing for 10 minutes (I could've smashed out 10 emails in that time!) so I just didn't do it.


Kat has this beautiful way of guiding you through a mediation with her voice, to help fill your heart and soul with positive colours, words, and good feels. After mediating with Kat John, I always leave feeling so full of love.


She hosts mediations monthly, all over Victoria, so get onto her next one! You won't regret it.





Okay, now we get into the deep stuff. Are you ready?

For as long as I can remember, I've had chronic pain in my tummy. It's been an ongoing saga, doctors have poked, prodded, stabbed, tested, put me under and biopsied me, everything, to work out what this goddam pain is, and guess what, Kat diagnosed it! 


The pain came up after my 2nd week 'The Sacral Chakra'.

I was in agony on the way home from our session, up all night in the downward dog position to try and sleep, I literally felt like I was giving birth.


When week 3 rocked around, I told her what she had done to me (lol jks. I did it to myself) and she asked me to let her know if it came back. 


It did, half way through that session (The Solar Plexus) so we went into a meditation to ask my body what the pain was. Kat guided the mediation and called in my angels to intuitively tell her what/who the pain was.


Sure enough, it was my Dad. (Ahh fu*k! Of course it was). My Dad and I have a difficult relationship, and the pain was a combination of things, but the main reason it kept rearing it's ugly and painful head was because I was scared of letting him go, and he was scared too, of me letting him go.


Lightbulb moment! We (Kat) moved the pain through my body, it calmed down dramatically, and moved toward my heart, which was the next Chakra. As we wrapped up the session, the pain started to return, I was scared, I didn't want a repeat of the previous week.


When I got home, the pain was real. It was week 2 on steroids.

I did what I knew to do, I put myself in the foetal position, in the shower, and howled. 

This was one of the most powerful moments throughout the course, and my life.

I felt like I was removing the old, and birthing the new Stevie.

Michael came in, held me, and cried with me. I asked him to take this photo, so I could remember how far I'd come. That was a beautiful night of him seeing my vulnerability and accepting me.





1. Kat taught me how to reach my Angels

2. Kat taught me how to Meditate

3. Kat taught me the 7 Chakras

4. Kat helped me understand my relationships better

5. Kat helped me understand myself better

6. Kat helped me remove my pain

7. Kat encouraged me to incorporate Numerology into my business

8. Kat gently and lovingly walked me through & cleared my Chakras

9. Kat helped me be comfortable in being the soft, vulnerable, gentle Stevie

10. She is magic, and I have made a lifelong friend


If you have anything you'd like to work through, I can not recommend her highly enough


You can find out more about Kat John and her classes & courses at


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Written by Stevie van der Chys

Founder & Photographer



You can get in touch by emailing















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