#SVDCBirths | Arthur

December 14, 2016

As a photographer, capturing the pregnancy & birth journey of the one mother and child is incredible. Especially when the mother is as earthy, cool, calm and collected as Caroline. It was a pleasure writing this story and I hope you enjoy this blog.


WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MIGHT FIND THIS BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY GRAPHIC. (If you're like me, you'll find it beautiful)


With Caroline a doctor and husband Jon an engineer, their son Arthur Partington was always going to arrive with precision. This was one of the most inspiring births I've ever seen, but before we get to that.. here is some back story.


Caroline was introduced to my work through Naomi, another client of mine. Naomi & Caroline went to the gym together and were pregnant together. This was Caroline's first baby, and she booked in for a #SVDCBodyLove Bump & Birth shoot. The day of the photoshoot I arrived at Caroline's home in Torquay to find 2 hairy body guards gorgeously staying by their Mumma's side. I love dogs, so this was an awesome shoot already!


The #SVDCBodyLove Shoot