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#SVDCBirths | Arthur

As a photographer, capturing the pregnancy & birth journey of the one mother and child is incredible. Especially when the mother is as earthy, cool, calm and collected as Caroline. It was a pleasure writing this story and I hope you enjoy this blog.

WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MIGHT FIND THIS BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY GRAPHIC. (If you're like me, you'll find it beautiful)

With Caroline a doctor and husband Jon an engineer, their son Arthur Partington was always going to arrive with precision. This was one of the most inspiring births I've ever seen, but before we get to that.. here is some back story.

Caroline was introduced to my work through Naomi, another client of mine. Naomi & Caroline went to the gym together and were pregnant together. This was Caroline's first baby, and she booked in for a #SVDCBodyLove Bump & Birth shoot. The day of the photoshoot I arrived at Caroline's home in Torquay to find 2 hairy body guards gorgeously staying by their Mumma's side. I love dogs, so this was an awesome shoot already!

The #SVDCBodyLove Shoot

Once I passed the sniff test by these two (above), we had a coffee and a chat and soon the shoot began. Caroline looked beautiful, she was 35 weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing. She admitted to me that she felt silly doing this shoot, but I assured her she would love the process! The next day I received this ...

"I just really wanted to thank you for yesterday. I was really nervous and embarrassed about doing the shoot as I felt I wasn't good enough, to do such a thing and would be laughed at. But you were amazing, made me and Jon feel really comfortable and have boosted my confidence with your amazing skills. Thanks again!" - Caroline

And one of my favourite's... the beautiful, natural, stunning earth mother.

With our #SVDCBodyLove photo shoot complete (and the dogs asleep!).. it was time to wait for Arthur James Partington to arrive!

The #SVDCBirths Shoot

At 7:45pm on Wednesday 25 May 2016, I was in Melbourne at a business idea pitching night, when I got a text to say "Stevie, our waters have broken, were heading into the hospital!!". I was sitting next to Meg, a Birth Consultant, who said "Quick! We must go now!"

We finished our wines, watched the pitching session we were there to see, and hit the bolt! I dropped Meg at her car, my adrenaline started pumping. I raced home, grabbed my camera, grabbed some snacks and headed in.

Walking into St John of God hospital, I began shaking, I was nervous and excited, I just wanted to get in there. I buzzed the midwifery staff call button and they showed me into Caroline's room. She wasn't pushing yet, woo!

She was perfectly kneeling on the floor, elbows on the bed, breathing. She was so calm, so beautiful, didn't even look up to see who was entering. I walked in slowly and said hello to the midwifery student Abbey and Jon, Caroline's husband.

Very quietly, Caroline carried on with her hypo birthing technique, no fuss, no noise, it was beautiful.

I started capturing the room, when all of a sudden, Caroline got up, went to the bathroom and started crying. Abbey and I looked at each other, a little afraid. All of a sudden, Jon appeared from the bathroom and rang for the midwife. She arrived, did an exam, and all we heard was "Okayyyyy, yes, we're having a baby! Get up on the bed". This was it! And the doctor hadn't even arrived yet!

Caroline gently got up on the bed, Jon by her side, and ever so gently and peacefully, she delivered Arthur. This was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. A baby, coming earthside, with minimal pain for the mother, no stress in the room, two midwives, a mid student, a mother and her husband, all together, making it happen. I was in awe.

It wasn't long before the doctor arrived, needless to say, the midwives had it all sorted!

As soon as Arthur was born, he burst into tears! They lifted him straight up on Caroline's chest, and he nuzzled in. The team left the room, and Jon, Caroline, Abbey and myself were left together to gaze at this new little guy. I captured photo's for the next half an hour, before saying my goodbyes, and letting the family be 3.

#SVDCBirths #StevieVanDerChys

As I walked out the door, I said to the midwife, "My gosh that was beautiful!" she replied "Yes, it's births like these that remind me of why I became a midwife!".

Arthurs birth was beyond beautiful and I will never forget this amazing experience.

Thank you so much to Caroline, Jon and the staff at St John of God Geelong for allowing me to share this journey with you.

xo Stevie


Are you or a friend expecting? Find out more info about our shoots here #SVDCBodyLove or #SVDCBirths

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Written by Stevie van der Chys

Founder & Photographer


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