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5 reasons Professional Headshots will improve your Business or Career

I had been in (my photography) business for 6 years when I was inspired by a young, female american photographer who was absolutely killin' it. I came across her on the net one day, and she had all these beautiful portraits with her camera, in her home, on all these websites who'd interviewed her. That was my 'ah-huh' moment. If I was going to be taken seriously (& start taking myself and my business seriously), I had to get me some of those (photos)!

I remember sitting in the sunshine, on my lunch break one day, emailing the best photographer, stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist I knew, planning my shoot.

It was all booked in. I went with the stylist to a beautiful store on Toorak Rd and we carefully selected my outfits. I sent my hairdresser and makeup artist my inspiration shots, and my photographer was well informed on the look I was going for - professional, happy, genuine, real, me.

Shoot day came and I was crapping myself! I had my hair & makeup done professionally in the city, met the stylist and photographer at the studio, and away we went. I was so used to being behind the camera, it was something so new and I was scared. As we went along, the photographer showed me the images and I was pleasantly surprised! I actually looked like me. I was happy. We continued the shoot, and it was really great to learn what it was like on the other side of the camera. I was so happy with the end result, and this is how it helped my career:

5 reasons professional photos will change your business or career for the better


Professional magazines and websites (the ones you REALLY want to be in) need professional imagery to compliment their story or article. So whenever magazines or websites have wanted to run articles on me, I've had professional, high res, beautiful imagery to send them, and they've been so happy! Sometimes your story could be dropped if you don't have appropriate imagery, or, most times, stories have been turned around in 24 hours, meaning if I didn't have a library of images for them, the story would have to wait.


Don't expect to be taken seriously by your customers and colleagues if you don't take yourself seriously. Having a professional photograph of yourself on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Instagram, Tumblr, etc, changes the way people perceive you. If you're spending time and money creating a professional image for yourself, clients will see that, respect you, and pay for your product/service.


One of the biggest rules in business is to be consistent. This also applies to your website and social media. By having a 'Hero Image' that you use as your headshot across all articles/websites/magazines, your face will begin to be known, and your professionalism and reputation will grow.


Let's say you're wanting that awesome promotion, but you can't seem to get noticed. Put up a awesome professional image as your profile picture on LinkedIn, write your goals and aspirations in your profile, and add your boss. When they see you taking initiative, you'll be surprised what could happen!


'Nuff said.


Here's what recent clients are saying about working with the SVDC team:



Now you've read all the good stuff from others... here's why we believe you should choose SVDC:

  • I'm local to Geelong & Melbourne

  • By supporting SVDC, you're supporting a family business

  • I provide you with the best team of hair/makeup/stylist

  • I have beautiful studio spaces in Geelong & Melbourne

  • I capture you genuinely

  • I empower, encourage and allow you to be yourself

  • I provide high res quality digital images

  • My team is the best in the business

And just incase you needed anymore reason to work with us...

These are the amazing clients we've worked with, brands who've supported us, and we are super proud to support the Full Stop Foundation, where we have raised over $7,500 in 2016 to put a full stop to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Ready for a Corporate or Business Photography quote? Get in touch with our Head of Communications, Georgette at

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Written by Stevie van der Chys

Founder & Photographer


You can get in touch by emailing

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