#SVDCBirths | Baby Boy Byrne

October 21, 2017

On Monday 19th June 2017 I got the text every birth photographer waits for "I've been having cramps since the early hours...today could be the day!". 


I had a calendar full of Intuitive clients so I spent the day seeing them and in between clients I'd call Bianca to check on her progress.. she was slowly getting further into labour, so I made the decision to head up the highway to Melbourne after my last client.


About 15 hours later Bianca and Dave arrived at the hospital and we got settled into the room... within 3 hours, and with incredible birth skills by Bianca, baby Thomas was born calmly and beautifully into the world!


Here's their beautiful story... 




It's a Boy, Welcome Thomas Rupert!


"Stevie you are amazing babe - the memories you captured for us will be treasured forever. Thank you to both yourself and our beautiful student midwife for your encouragement and support bringing our little man into this world!"- Bianca