#SVDCCorporate | Raw Edge Hairdressing

July 25, 2017

Well, well, well, what can one say about capturing this vibrant collection of beautiful, funny and talented women? Having captured the Raw Edge team before, I knew it would be a fun shoot, but I swear it gets more fun each time!


It was a chilly Autumn morning but the girls rocked up looking glam and ready to go. We chose the Coach House Gallery in Newtown as the backdrop as we loved the texture in the walls and the light filled space.


Once everyone arrived, I introduced my team and we kicked off the shoot with a personalised SVDC Intuitive Numerology & Astrology Summary for each of the Raw Edge girls... I went around teaching each staff member about their Numerology and Astrology - there were many laughs, many ah-huh moments, and I feel it really helped everyone relax and feel empowered to be totally themselves in the shoot!