#SVDCCorporate meets #SVDCBodyLove | The Loft Dance & Yoga Studio

April 9, 2017




When our amazing loyal client Lyndel from The Loft Dance & Yoga Studio came to us with the brief "To create kick arse digital content for social media; capturing ballet, yoga, pilates, barre & dance" we were stoked!


Lyndel and Stevie share the passion for empowering women and this shoot was a perfect junction of #SVDCCorporate and #SVDCBodyLove coming together.


The wonderful group of women that Lyndel brought together were her actual students and a huge part of this shoots success was the collaboration of these talented, beautiful, empowered women who were open to having a day of fun and being captured while they did their thing!

The Loft studio is full of talented, warm, funny and kind teachers, if you have been searching for a Yoga or Dance Studio in the Geelong Region look no further, The Loft is full of so much natural light and yummy loving energy, you will feel right at home. 


Thank you Lyndel and team for choosing SVDC