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#SVDCBodyLove | Evelyn


Meet the divine Evelyn.

My oh my I loved this shoot! We kicked off with popping a bottle of champagne, eating a cheese platter and delving into an Intuitive Reading. Then, facing the beautiful big mirrors in the Loft, we completed our Connection Meditation. I do these with every shoot and it helps us ground, calm your nerves and capture the authentic you. When we opened our eyes we literally wanted to melt into the floor, we felt so calm and peaceful.. but it was time to shoot! So, with that, Evelyn and I jumped up and started.

Evelyn let go dancing around the space, in her happy place. I love how Evelyn's incredibly pure nature shines through in the photographs and she looks so happy!

Thank you Evelyn for being such a wonderful subject, you are an incredible woman with big things to come and I loved every minute of getting to know and capture you!

xo Stevie



"Wow Stevie, I am totally blown away by the photographs you took!

They are so beautiful and I see the real Evelyn in them. What an incredible gift you have!

The whole experience from initially emailing you, the warm and safe space you created during the shoot, right through to receiving the images has been so full of Love and Joy.

I could keep on gushing! Full of gratitude for the whole experience, I will treasure these forever, especially when I'm 90 with saggy boobs and wrinkles haha!! Lots of love xxxx Evelyn"


Find out more about our shoots at SVDCBodyLove or SVDCBirths or email

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