#SVDCBodyLove | Megan

Stevie captured Megan in early February, just a week or so before her due date. The brief was to secretly capture natural and empowering #SVDCBodyLove portraits of this amazing first time mama-to-be as a surprise for her husband, who insisted she capture this once in a lifetime first pregnancy!

Not one to shy away from originality, this inspired girlboss rocked up with her hair rolled perfectly, red lipstick on and her favourite Led Zeppelin tee. The shoot was a huge success with Megan saying "I love them. Thank you so much!!!!!!" after seeing her photo's.

As part of the SVDC shoot, we began with a Soul Insight Reading and through that, discovered Megan was born under the sign of Libran in the year of the Fire Tiger and with the Life Force of 38/11 and Day Force of 5.

It came as no surprise that with this Astrology & Numerology, Megan's traits included being:

  • an action taker

  • optimistic

  • popular

  • dynamic

  • intense

  • idealistic

  • original

  • magnetic and charismatic

  • persuasive

  • and extremely intuitive

Famous Libran Tigers - Oscar Wilde & Joan Cusack

Famous Fire Tigers - Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe & Queen Elizabeth II

Famous 38/11 Life Force - Madonna, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kevin Bacon & Jackie Kennedy Onasis

Megan you are stunning on the inside and the out! It was an absolute pleasure to capture you on your journey. We wish you and your family all the very best with your new bundle of joy.. All our love and happiness...

The SVDC Team


That's a wrap! Megan and Stevie at the conclusion of the shoot


The SVDC Team

Are you or a friend pregnant? Find out more about our shoots at SVDCBodyLove or SVDCBirths or email stevie@svdc.co

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