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#SVDCBodyLove & #SVDCBirths | Emma Issacs

#SVDCBodyLove meets #SVDCBirths

with Emma Issacs


Founder, Global CEO and Mum of 4 (under 6) with bubba number 5 on the way... introducing the one and only Emma Isaacs!

I first met Emma at a Business Chicks event, she was pregnant with her fourth babe Ryder, just over 2 years ago. I instantly loved her. She's passionate, warm, focused, hard working and all of these qualities are totally infectious. No wonder her company is the leading network for women in the country. When Em isn't running a global empire, she's parenting her tribe with husband Rowan, in their LA home and uploading hilarious comic relief onto Insta of her babes doing babe things.

As soon as I found out Em was pregnant again I asked her to be part of my #SVDCBodyLove series.. after not hearing for a billion weeks (so it felt) I thought the answer was a no. Until one day I got an email.. not only was it a YES! It was also a "will you photograph my birth!?". UMM YES I said! So, that was it. I prepared myself to hang out in Sydney town for 2 weeks to capture this maternity shoot, await the birth of baby #5 and to capture Business Chick's once a year 9toThrive event.

The bodylove shoot on Sunday 30 July took all of 15 minutes (just under!), before we moved onto Em's divine Blessingway, and exactly 14 days later, Piper Isaacs was born.

(Continue down for the #SVDCBirths Photography)

Thank you Em for being part of my series and for allowing me to capture you in all your beauty. You are wonderful! xo Stevie



welcome piper issacs





And there it was, the divine birth of Piper, baby number 5 to legendary parents Em & Ro, and sisters Milla, Honey, Indie and brother Ryder, in the company of Em's amazing mama Deb and midwifery team.

Congratulations Issacs Family! Thank you so much having me capture your special night, it was an inspiring home-birth that I will never forget! Lots of love, Stevie xox


Find out more about our shoots at SVDCBodyLove or SVDCBirths or email

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