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#SVDCCorporate | Renee

Meet Renee, she received her PhD in Genetics in 2006 from the University of Melbourne, followed by a three-year Postdoctoral appointment at Monash University. Renee has over seven years experience as a science communicator and her main research interest is investigating how the disciplines of chemistry and art can inform each other. She is an ideator, curator, and science communicator, working with a wide range of artists, composers, performers, and scientists. She constructs residencies, establishes artist/scientist collaborations, and curates events and exhibitions focused on providing open access to the latest advances in science.

Shortly after receiving her USB in the mail, Renee added me on LinkedIn with a new profile photo (one of mine; so proud!) and a little message "Thanks for the beautiful photos, I love them. Best, Renee xx".

It was a pleasure to meet and capture Renee, an amazing woman leading her field!

Thank you Renee, for choosing SVDC to capture you.

xo Stevie


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Photographer: Stevie

Assistant: Laura

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