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#SVDCCorporate | Summit Salon Coach

Summit Salon Coach, born in 2017, is the brainchild of successful salon owner, mentor and entrepreneur, Caitlyn Menzel.

Caitlyn, a loyal client of SVDC's, and a mover and shaker in business, asked us to capture genuine shots of her and her fur baby Jed for digital content for her new website & social media.

#SVDCCorporate #GeelongPhotographer

As part of the SVDC shoot, we began with a Soul Insight Reading and through that, discovered Caitlyn was born under the sign of Aquarius in the year of the Metal Horse and with the Life Force of 30/3 and Day Force of 1.

For those who know Caitlyn, it would come as no surprise that with this Astrology & Numerology, Caitlyn's traits included being:

  • brave

  • secure & up-front

  • ambitious

  • loves a challenge

  • has a large amount of friends

  • independent

  • uses inner gifts to encourage, uplift and inspire others

  • innovator and originator

  • playful

  • creative

  • inspirational

  • motivating

  • charming

  • colourful

  • observant

  • analytical

  • eccentric

Famous Horses - Jennifer Lawrence, Cindy Crawford, Denzil Washington & Sandra Bullock

Famous Aquarian Horses - Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Wolfe, Charles Darwin

Famous 30/3 Life Force - Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, Ann Landers & Jodie Foster

Caitlyn, you are a phenomenal girl boss, we admire you & always love capturing you! All the very best with your new business, thank you for choosing SVDC to capture you, keep sharing your magic!

xx The SVDC Team

"Stevie is absolutely amazing to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera, makes you laugh and keeps the whole experience really positive and fun. I love that she doesn't over edit photos and always captures the real you. Love your work Stevie x" - Caitlyn

Daily routine - Caitlyn starts working away and Jed comes and sit's on her lap.. we love you Jed!

#SVDCCorporate #GeelongPhotographer

To find out more about Caitlyn and Summit Salon Coach visit their Website


Do you or a friend need headshots for your website, blog, book or media?

Visit our Corporate page our contact us at for a detailed quote!

Photographer: Stevie

Assistant: Leiko

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