#SVDCCorporate | Summit Salon Coach

Summit Salon Coach, born in 2017, is the brainchild of successful salon owner, mentor and entrepreneur, Caitlyn Menzel.

Caitlyn, a loyal client of SVDC's, and a mover and shaker in business, asked us to capture genuine shots of her and her fur baby Jed for digital content for her new website & social media.

#SVDCCorporate #GeelongPhotographer

As part of the SVDC shoot, we began with a Soul Insight Reading and through that, discovered Caitlyn was born under the sign of Aquarius in the year of the Metal Horse and with the Life Force of 30/3 and Day Force of 1.

For those who know Caitlyn, it would come as no surprise that with this Astrology & Numerology, Caitlyn's traits included being:

  • brave

  • secure & up-front

  • ambitious

  • loves a challenge

  • has a large amount of friends

  • independent

  • uses inner gifts to encourage, uplift and inspire others

  • innovator and originator

  • playful

  • creative

  • inspirational

  • motivating

  • charming

  • colourful

  • observant

  • analytical

  • eccentric

Famous Horses - Jennifer Lawrence, Cindy Crawford, Denzil Washington & Sandra Bullock

Famous Aquarian Horses - Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Wolfe, Charles Darwin

Famous 30/3 Life Force - Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers, Ann Landers & Jodie Foster