#SVDCCorporate | Villarosa Real Estate

It was a pleasure to meet David of Villarosa Real Estate.

When Leiko & Stevie arrived at the shoot and met David and Clare everybody connected, well, David had everyone laughing (...at him lol). He was warm and generous and excited for a successful shoot to launch his business!

Once Clare had perfected the styling (which looked amazing) and Leiko got the lighting jusssst right, Stevie went to work capturing David as his authentic self.

We hope you love checking this shoot out as much as we did capturing it!

Thank you David for choosing SVDC to capture you, and we wish you all the very best with Villarosa Real Estate!


The SVDC Team

#SVDCCorporate #GeelongPhotographer

That styling.. seriously. Great work Clare!


#SVDCCorporate #GeelongPhotographer