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Numerology, Astrology

& Intuitive Healing

Building healthier, supportive & loving relationships with yourself


You are a cloud of emotions, constantly taking on others energies and issues.

Old belief patterns creating  fear based obstacles preventing you from reaching your full potential

Your energy is going all over the place, leaving you burnt out and bummed out.

You have a light to shine and are ready to kick this BS to the curb. 


I’m glad you asked!  

I help clients better understand themselves and their relationships with others by incorporating practical tools from Numerology, Astrology, Self Care, Love Languages, Affirmations and Meditation to everyday life. 

I only share the tools and teachings that have helped me heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety to live a full and happy life. 

What I did was gain a greater understanding of myself.

I put a theory to the test.. "if the illness is internal and can't be seen, maybe so is the treatment."

Between science, the self help isle, speaking to professionals and many courses, I found the answers I was searching for in Numerology, Astrology, Meditation, Affirmations and most importantly Self Care.

The things that "can't be explained" I found the answers for, I learned more about who I was, what brought me to where I was, how to make peace with it and release it so I could truly design my life, business and success on my terms.

You are welcome to take my offering with a grain of salt, it’s not for everybody. But if you relate to what I’ve written, and would love chat.... get in touch for a complimentary Connection Call and let’s see what magic we can create in your life!

"We have to know self before we can transcend it'... ‘let's go deeply into the self, then through it. Once we cross the river of the self, we no longer need the boat'." 

-Dan Milman


"Today I really learnt things about myself and the way I feel, think, act and behave. Leaving feeling relaxed, blessed and content with myself.


SVDCIntuitive Client

"Simply wow what a magical way to end the week. ...So powerful and healing... I can barely contain my excitement at what emerged through today's reading!"


SVDCIntuitive Client


SVDC Intuitive sessions are wholesome, supportive, encouraging, positive and practical. 

By journeying with me on the SVDC Intuitive path, you’re saying yes to finding clarity and reaching your full potential! 



  • Your unique set of Numerology, Eastern and Western Astrology, and what it means for your life. 

  • Love Languages – to ensure you receive the love you need

  • Self Care – to fully support yourself to achieve everything you desire 

  • As well as the incredible power of Meditation, Affirmations and Positive Mindset

  • Plus you will have access to extra resources, support and so much more...



If you are stuck in a puddle and are looking to reconnect with the ocean, to flow more easily, desire your life to hold more meaning, and to achieve the goals you’ve set, I would love to work with you, lets's chat!


One on One Intuitive Sessions

You'll have 4 x 60-minute sessions held in person or via Skype with Stevie.

Mentoring and Mindset

​Discussing any topic that you would like insight into or clarity on; including but not limited to numerology, astrology, soul purpose, relationships, family, business, etc.

Full Numerology & Astrology Reading​

A full break down on your Numerology, Chinese and Western Astrology ​including those closest to you and compatibility.

Audio Recording

We find clients get a lot from re listening to their sessions. All sessions are recored in .m4a and shared via Dropbox.

Plus much more!


"I feel that I have a greater and clearer understanding of myself, my goals and all my relationships, currently and in the past.


Stevie provided me information that has given me huge clarity and will help me though a recent loss of a family member.
Thank you Stevie!"


SVDCIntuitive Client

"My first session opened my eyes to my own feelings, thoughts and recognising my natural traits."  


I came into this session a ball of negative energy. Stevie gave me the tools to work with filling up my own energy and to remove other people's negativity. I am leaving feeling lighter and free."


SVDCIntuitive Client

"My ultimate mission is to empower my clients to be the best version of themselves and understand their  true strength, beauty and power.
Then watch them run freely into the world, embracing and empowering themselves and others with love, self care, awareness and empathy"

- Stevie

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