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Wow Stevie, I am totally blown away by the photographs you took! They are so beautiful and I see the real Evelyn in them. What an incredible gift you have!


The whole experience from initially emailing you, the warm and safe space you created during the shoot, right through to receiving the images has been so full of Love and Joy. I could keep on gushing!


Full of gratitude for the whole experience, I will treasure these forever, especially when I'm 90 with saggy boobs and wrinkles haha!! 

Evelyn, SVDCBodyLove 

"Stevie you are amazing babe - the memories you captured for us will be treasured forever.


Thank you to both yourself and our beautiful student midwife for your encouragement and support bringing our little man into this world!"

Bianca, SVDC Birth Client

"One amazing photographer and friend who went over and beyond to capture these moments for us, whilst being a spiritual and emotional support through labour.


So grateful for everything you have done (just look at the images!)"

Clare, SVDC Birth Client

"Amazingly wonderful photography from Stevie. 

Such beautiful memories and a fantastic insight into our child 

bearing journey as women. 

An aspect, we as women, should openly talk more about and be 

so proud of, and not fear. Such a wonderful way to bring us back 

to our natural instincts. As women we're such intriguing individuals with such passion, strength, love and emotions. 

 Sometimes we need to sit back and look at what love we have 

around us and how amazing we actually are. And the best person 

to bring this out in us? ........... Is Stevie van der Chys. Thanks again!"

Caroline, SVDCBodyLove & Birth Client

"Stevie has photographed me four times because I love her work 

that much.


You'll truly love yourself so much more when you receive the photos back from your SVDC shoot.


She has a magical way of capturing you in a way that you possibly don't see yourself. True raw beauty and captivating moments full of emotion that can be treasured forever.

To any expecting Mumma's, 
I highly recommend Stevie for your maternity & birth shoots. 

Trust me you will not be disappointed!"

Naomi, SVDCBodyLove & Birth Client

"I was extremely hesitant about the idea of booking a maternity 

shoot, however, Stevie made me feel completely comfortable and I had a great time! 

The photos were classy and timeless and I felt empowered. 

Stevie has a beautiful energy that shows through in her work and I am so glad that I bit the bullet and booked with her to capture 

this special time of my life!"

Megan, SVDCBodyLove 

"As someone who has never really considered themselves a 'woman' 

and who would rather wear hiking boots than heels, I can honestly say that I underestimated the comfort, ease and impact of this shoot. 

Stevie inspired, encouraged and made me feel and embrace being a 

woman, something I'd never been comfortable doing."

Natalie, SVDCBodyLove 

"I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable being in my own skin, 

especially 3 months post baby. 

I bared my "Evie house" tummy, tiger stripe stretchies and lovely 

lopsided cesar scar, and went all in. 

Thanks to this beautiful soul (Stevie) for thinking nothing of having a 

coffee, playing with a baby and shooting, all while semi dressed. 

You're a rockstar."


Madii, SVDCBodyLove 

"The very incredible SVDC worked her magic lens today, making me 

feel like the most beautiful woman alive. 

Stevie, I wanted to tell you that you made me feel so wonderful today!

I love them all!! Seriously incredible! You're incredible. 

They are just beautiful. Thank you"


Shai, SVDCBodyLove 

"Stevie and her team were a dream to work with. She made us feel 

extremely comfortable in our own skin and we are so happy with the final result!! 

We had so much fun and this really comes to light in the final 

product. Not your usual office photos, and thats why we chose to work with Stevie! Thank you so much"

Light Warrior Group, SVDCCorporate

"Stevie is not just a photographer.

Stevie radiates a warmth and passion that inspires and magnifies 


She brings out the best in people. The SVDC team helped create 

expressive personal branding that I could only dream of.

Thank you Stevie for helping put direction to my creative vision."

Josie Banner, SVDCCorporate

"Stevie from SVDC Photography was amazing, such a wonderful relaxed and enjoyable experience, she really took the time to understand what we wanted in our photo shoot and delivered the most fantastic photos of all our staff that really embodied who we are at BSchool." 

Khirralee Keher - Learning & Development Manager BSchool, SVDCCorporate

"Stevie is absolutely amazing to work with.


She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera, makes you laugh and keeps the whole experience really positive and fun.


I love that she doesn't over edit photos and always captures the real you. Love your work Stevie"

Raw Edge Hairdressing,  SVDCCorporate

"I booked Stevie for a photoshoot to capture some lifestyle pictures for my new website. 

 Although I was quiet nervous, Stevie really made me feel at ease 

which was important to be able to capture my natural essence in 


The results were beautiful. Not only did Stevie a talented 

photographer but she is a beautiful person and a joy to work with."

Peta April,  SVDCCorporate

"On the day the team were very calming and relaxed but also had the 

entire day planned out and under control.

We could not recommend the SVDC team highly enough.   


Stacey & Steven, SVDCWeddings

"Wow, wow, wow. 

These are beautiful! 

Adam and I both just went 'AWWW' when we saw this! 

Thank you so much to you and your amazing team!!!! 

You guys are  superstars!!"


Nicole & Adam, SVDCWeddings

"Stevie, you are incredible.

We're sitting here with friends admiring your work and singing your 

praise, thank goodness for you. 

I can't thank you enough!"

Meg & Simon, SVDCWeddings

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